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The project implemented in partnership between Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, the Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industries and Hungexpo. The partnership aims to make design culture more available and manufacturing drawings/working designs of design furniture available for users to download free of charge in the spirit of contemporary open design solutions, which are both affordable and easy to implement under Hungarian woodworking conditions. (In 2016 the organizers determined the cost of material of the furniture 50.000 HUF as the maximum.)


The users have not to calculate the costs of packing, marketing, and delivery moreover the profit of the sale. At the same time they strengthen the local enterprises because they recline upon the local sources and raw materials; accordingly, they reduce not only the waste production and the environmental pollution but making use of the open design services they ensure an optimal ecological footmark. The open design movement with its community and social approach is the new form of knowledge sharing. The Internet takes designers’ hitherto exclusive knowledge into the public domain in the spirit of ecological, social and economic sustainability. Open design projects shift emphasis from consumption to cooperation and sharing.

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As members of the Hungarian Furniture and Wood Industrial Association, they undertake to stand by the students as professional partners and make them acquainted with the wood industrial technologies and the operation of their works and workshops and to manufacture may be more than one specimen of the furniture on their own cost. Hungexpo and the OtthonDesign Fair as cooperating partners supported the project by exhibition booths and communication spaces. Not only the users and the local workshops can be considered as winners of the project but also the designers, the students of Moholy-Nagy Art University (MOME) sharing their knowledge with the public. On the one hand, they get a firm feedback of the users in the form of likes and downloads.


While in 2015 the topic was the first own home, in the year 2016 11 types of furniture of children's’ rooms were created specifically for the 0-3-year-old generation. In 2017 6-12 age group was in focus, 13 children’s furniture for schoolchildren were created.


Photos: Sándor Fövényi & Károly Mészáros



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