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We care about the new generation

The Hungarian Furniture Association is working together with the members and the cooperating partners for several years to direct the students ahead of their vocation forward to the wood industrial training and they after finishing the schools should be successful people working in the wood industry and no those who leave the profession.



First time in 2014 the students of the elementary schools were invited by Kozma Lajos Wood Industrial Technical College to a program of vocational orientation with a slogan of „Wood in the Focus”. Here the children were acquainted with the wood industry on several sites by the different kinds of wood, tools, technical drawings and using the programs of visual design. According to the management of the school, the increasing number of applicants and the improvement of their „quality” were sensible in 2015. Therefore, since that time, every November they organize a 2-day introducing program for the students of elementary schools.



By the means of job fairs, we would like to establish a professional forum where the companies have a possibility to recognize the talent and they can know the students and their works, further they can start to take care of the experts of future.

In February 2016 many wood industrial companies could meet hundreds of graduating wood industrial professionals by the common organization of the Furniture Association and the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In May and December 2016 the University of Sopron (SKK) provided a possibility for the management and partners of the national companies, as potential employers to meet directly the students as employees of the future in order to change their experiences and to know their plans and expectations, to generate project ideas and projects.

In February 2017 the BKSZC Kozma Lajos Wood Industrial Technical College together with the foundation of Budapest Workshop offered a possibility for the introduction of the wood industrial companies and to participate in a job fair as a type of rapid date.There were invited to the program the wood industrial technicians and decorators graduating in 2017 in this Collage and the students of last years with technician certificate and the graduating students of the Wood Industrial University of Sopron.

Between April 5th and 9th, 2017 HUNGEXPO Plc, CONSTRUMA with the support of RANDSTAD organized a professional job fair and workshop for the students. Several hundred of students of the wood industry arrived the program where they were taught how to write a proper CV, how can they represent themselves at a negotiation for wages, what can they expect at an interview for a job or just how much and why their life will be different after starting work.



The purpose of „Open carpenter workshops” is to help the young people to choose a vocation and to make a decision. Last time 8 visits to workshops have been affected all over the country with almost 200 interesting young participants.




Balaton Hekk 06.29-07.05.2015

Hungarian students of architecture came together in Csopak to construct installations of wood in the frame of a camp named Balaton Hekk. The Furniture Association supported the construction by a sawing machine which was essential to this work.


Valley of Arts – Csórompuszta 07.11-19.2015

The students of the Kozma Lajos Wood Industrial Technical College together with the team of Hello Wood participated, according to a Danish program, in constructing of a wooden village in Csórompuszta, at the Balaton highland.


Sziget Festival 08.10-16.2015

Kozma Lajos Wood Industrial Technical College participated in the Sziget Festival with a creative workshop operated by students and teachers. During this time they introduced the basic tricks of two professions belonging to the profile of the school – i.e. wood industrial technician and decorator -  which could be tried by the interesting visitors every day in the Kozma workshop. The project was affected as a result of a widespread co-operation: the location was provided by DesignTerminal and Hello World gave the building. Materials used for the creative work were given by  Falco Plc via Furniture Association, while the Kozma Lajos Wood Industrial Technical College provided the personal background, the professional knowledge, and creative content.


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