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Our association stirs the still water of the domestic wood industry by longterm and various projects. We make the co-operation of designers and the industry an everyday practice. We have a result that the men in the street are talking about the Hungarian furniture industry and our members know the actual trends.

We have strong public relations

Our members have created a huge knowledge base simply by knowing somebody, knowing something. You can add to it and as a return you can get it multiply back! We believe in the share of the knowledge base. Enter, ask for help, give help, improve the work and the industry which are the part of your life.

We work for a modern industry

We shake the still water of the domestic industry! We are training continuously the members of this profession. Our aim is not to repeat what you and us see day by day but to provide you with a global outlook and we are trying to develop the design, technics and the way of looking at things to global standards. We shall arrive that the people on the street should speak about the furniture industry. Look at our projects we have had until now!

We take care of the rising generation

The future of the wood and furniture industry is important. It depends mostly on the qualified manpower. We are doing it actively to let the students know their possibilities prior to choose a profession in order to choose the profession most suitable for them. We are not talking through your hat: look at our sample projects! Do so even if you are a student, a teacher or an employer. Because it is good for everybody.

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