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Our association stirs the still water of the domestic wood industry by longterm and various projects. We make the co-operation of designers and the industry an everyday practice. We have a result that the men in the street are talking about the Hungarian furniture industry and our members know the actual trends.


Training Program for the Contemporary Wood Industry

Every venture needs developments in order to be competitive with the international tendencies. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a properly set up plan for education and training which is crucial to draw up with development, the up-to-date technologies and to increase the efficiency.

The Complex Training Center of Budapest (BKSzC) and the Furniture Association support the developing processes of wood industrial companies. We provide the participants with a wide range of education by in-date professional training and the successful output is confirmed by an official certification.

We care about the new generation

Be again good to choose the wood and furniture industry! We help the new generation to find a beloved and understood the profession. We connect the great persons of the industry and the student and support their common work.

Download Design

The project implemented in partnership between Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, the Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industries and Hungexpo.

Wood Like

Wood? - I like it!

Six cooperating partners had a dream about the project aiming to transmit the joy and beauty of working with wood by all possible ways.   Wood Like is a well-equipped wood industrial workshop where we can become for a few hours a master craftsman.  Even more: such a series of DIY (do it yourself) workshops where the inexperts and those who want to be more acquainted with the carpenter profession can create together and get experience in using of wood industrial machines. Following the mentality of open design, they create designed articles.

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